Table of Radar Sensors in Operationally-Configured GMD Intercept Tests (April 13, 2012)

Participation by Radar Sensors in GMD  Intercept Tests Using Operationally-Configured Interceptors

            –PAVE PAWS radars in AK and MA are not yet part of GMD system

            –BMEWS radars in Greenland and Britain on wrong side of planet for these tests.

  PAVE PAWS,   Beale, CA SBX FBX Aegis Cobra Dane,  Shemya, AK
FTG-02(09/01/06)    Y   O    N     O     N
FTG-03a(09/28/07)    Y   O    N     O     N
FTG-05(12/05/08)    Y   Y         Y     (Juneau)     Y     N
FTG-06(01/31/10)    O   F    N     N     N
FTG-06a(12/15/10)    O   Y    Y            (Wake I.)     O     N
FTG-06b(12/12)    O?   Y    Y        (Wake I.)     ?     N


Y = transmitted data in real time to system.

F = Same as Y, but sensor experienced a failure.

O = Observed some part of test off-line.

N = Not used to observe test.

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