Delays in Planned GMD Tests (June 7, 2017)

My post of April 20, 2016 provided a description of planned future GMD flight and intercept tests through the year 2022.  It described six tests (five of which were intercept tests).  The first of these tests, FTG-15, was at that time scheduled for the 1st  quarter of FY 2017 and was successfully completed in the 3rd quarter of FY 2017.  All of the remaining tests have also been delayed.

The table below shows the planned dates of these tests as of my April 2016 post and the currently planned dates as reflected in the Missile Defense Agency’s May 2017 budget materials.  Each test has a brief description – for more details seem my April 20, 2016 post.  No current date is provided for FTO-04 because data was only available through the year 2022.