Table of Future Aegis Intercept (mostly) Tests (April 30, 2013) (Updated May 16, 2013)

Projected future intercept tests for Aegis SM-3 (with a few significant non-intercept tests).  Dates and descriptions are highly subject to change.  Most data from FY 2014 (April 2013) budget documentation.

Key for targets: S = short-range (<1,000 km), M = medium range (1,000-3,000 km), IR = intermediate-range (3,000-5,500 km), U = Unitary (warhead does not separate), Sp = separating warhead.  For Aegis BMD version, all or some 4.0.1 are now likely 4.0.2, CU = Capability Upgrade.   ? = don’t know/not sure.

Click on the table from a more readable version.AegisFutureTestsTable

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  1. yousaf

     /  May 4, 2013

    Geroge — the title says: “Table of Future Aegis Intercept (mostly) Tests ”

    I think you mean Experiments, right? 😉

  2. Yousaf,
    Yes, I got the message on that.
    (1) I don’t think “experiment” is right. At least to me, “experiment” conveys a sense of exploring something without knowing for certain what the answer is in advance. I don’t think that applies to these highly scripted tests. Maybe “demonstration.”
    (2) Second, I need “test” in the title because that is how people search for this information.


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